Safe Shield is one of the Quality Manufacturers of examination gloves for medical use and chemical resistant rubber gloves for household and industrial use. Our range of gloves offer the end-users, protection against abrasion, effects of mild detergents oils and lubricants and industrial solvents which are harmful to the users with prolong direct contact.

Safe Shield has built a new plant in the heart of the maximum rubber production in the world that is Suratthani a southern province of Thailand. The plant has state of the art fully automated dipping machines for the production of high quality examination, surgical, household and industrial gloves both from natural and synthetic rubbers.

Currently, our gloves are being sold in more than 10 countries and to further support and cater to our customer's requirements, Safe Shield have plans to expand to produce the wide variety of gloves including more high-tech gloves.

Our production facilities are constantly being upgraded to include the advancement in high technologies and chemical processes. These facilities have received the international ISO 9002 accreditation for quality assurance system, and the finished products are CE approved and comply with the US FDA 21-CFR section 807.93 and TGA (Australia).

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